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Monkey Crew has passed into first 200 teams in GR history

16/03/2009 20:34

Monkey Crew - little team from middle of Europe

My and my 2 friends team Monkey Crew has become exactly 200th team in GR history by GWR. Main team members are: haq (me) 1st driver, head and owner of team, !skareggae! one of first team-members he is from Liberec too, 13 years old graffiti writer and atm 2nd team driver, SpL is 3rd driver of team he is currently racing in GRSC, former member Baegger has raced in 3 events to replace !skareggae! and after that retired and no longer member of Monkey Crew.

I want to say thanks to all drivers of Monkey Crew and I hope that together we will reach 1st 100 in this year.



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