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[rwl] Pirita Kose Kloosrtimetsa 1933/39 - project by Trigger Happy and haq

[rwl] Pirita Kose Kloosrtimetsa 1933/39 - project by Trigger Happy and haq

Pirita Kose Kloosrtimetsa 1933/39

Type: Realworld Road Circuit
Length: 6.761 km
Location: In the woods near Pirita convent, 6 km NE of downtown Tallinn
Used: 1933 -

The track (with orig. lenght 6 761 m) is located in north-eastern suburb of Tallinn, capital city of Estonia. Its layout was based on local roads (1/3 of sand, precise info not found) between village Pirita with ruins of Monastery of st. Brigitte and village Kose in a small valley created by river Pirita and its estuary to the Baltic sea. The track was created for motorcycle TT race, which was held from 1933 to 1939, car races were held in same term from 1934 to 1936 as Estonian Grand Prix with mainly local and Finnish entries. The pre-war races were famous by enthusiastic, but not very disciplined spectrators. The track was used for Soviet champioships after World War II since 1960 and modernized in 1965, when the pits were moved to straight in front of Kose, track was resurfaced by tarmac in whole lenght and old pits, last curve and s/f straight were abbadoned by shortening of track. In same time a new velodrome for cycling was built and later was built another sport facility, new yacht docks in the river's estuary for Olympic Games in 1984. This track is still in use for motorcycle and car races, mainly the above mentioned traditional Estonian TT (so-called Estonian GP often), which become sadly world-known in 2000 by fatal accident of North Irish rider Joey Dunlop, Isle of Man TT's ace (26 wins). Don't mistake this track with a Kalevi Circuit (used 1959-1964) and founded by Kalevi Sport Club. Kalevi Circuit was located in direct neighbourhood on roads few kilometeres on east of this track and used in for Soviet races of sport cars too. Since its closing is name Kalevi Circuit used for the Pirita-Kose-Kloostrimetsa Ringrada sometimes too.

Pirita-Kose-Kloostrimetsa 1933.zip (90,7 kB)

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