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Hi, my name is haq and I am quite known at Generally community as rallye track maker but I´m also member of Generally Motorport Federation (GRMFED). Hope you will like my tracks.






Monkey Crew is now in top 20 + 2009 summary

29/01/2010 13:37
Some time ago I wrote here that MC finally entered top30 but now we are even better! With 5551.32 points we are at 19th place in GWR teams standings. End of 2009 was quite succesful as we made 4 victories in GRC events and many podiums, we also won October 2009 standings and got 2nd place in...

Monkey Crew is now one of best 30 teams in GR history

25/10/2009 21:48
Monkey Crew is now one of best 30 teams in GR history It´s almost unbeliviable but it´s true. Monkey Crew now helds 26th position with just few points to 25th. Team had some succes in competitions now. I´d like to thank to all Monkey Crew drivers (haq (CZE), Buka (UKR), SpL (CZE), FogoRJ (BRA),...


13/09/2009 17:39
Big update (12.-13.9.2009) This weekend I´ve uploaded rest of my creatioins. I hope you will enjoy racing on them :D. haq


10/04/2009 12:30
Big update at haq-generally.webnode.cz ! Today I´ve uploaded some of my old tracks ;-) enjoy,   haq

Monkey Crew has passed into first 200 teams in GR history

16/03/2009 20:34
Monkey Crew - little team from middle of Europe My and my 2 friends team Monkey Crew has become exactly 200th team in GR history by GWR. Main team members are: haq (me) 1st driver, head and owner of team, !skareggae! one of first team-members he is from Liberec too, 13 years old graffiti writer and...

This web has been launched

16/03/2009 19:03
Start Haq´s generally webis taking place right now right here. Be sure you´ll find here many interesting tracks and other GR stuff ;-)

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